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Hello from ScottRods custom

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Hey guys,I just found this site and what a site it is,I own ScottRodscustom,and also bought the former rodshop and recently bought the rodnrace molds and tooling,we have around three thousand molds now and a and about 90% of what we build deals in nostalgia,we have many complete body molds includeing the henry j,40 and 41 willys 33 willys,anglias,fiats and about any roadster from 1926 to 32, we also build our own chassis and use several other chassis companies to help us out with the special ones,you can check us out at or or
We are always running into a ton of questions as were building alot of new gasser stuff and it will be nice to come on here and be able to ask questions.

Heres one of our Henry J body and chassis packages that we manfacture,we made our mold directly from henry alexanders steel henry j.

Scott Leber
ScottRods custom


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Welcome aboard, Scott. I've seen you at the Gasser Reunions.
Welcome Scott, have been on your site. Glad someone is keeping the ole' henry j's alive.
hi scott and welcome. good to have you here.
Looks like I'll be asking you the questions, heh. Welcome and what a great asset to have on the board. With all the varied skill and knowledge levels now coming to this board, this thing is going to be a great resource for us car nuts. Please share projects and build when you can. In time this could be a one stop shop. Good having you here. Mark L

Thanks for the welcome, and I will post a ton of pictures as we build,Heres a picture of our 48 anglia body fresh out of the mold.

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