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Hello from New Jersey

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Well I signed up for another forum. I'm Lenny from NW New Jersey. I'm building a '56 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Of course it's a "gasser style" build, or I would not be on this site. I hope to have it on the road this summer, it will be rough but driveable, and will refine it as I go. There are not too many gasser type cars in the areas of Jersey I cruse, so I think I will draw some attention, good or bad. I will post a build thread when I have a good amount of work done. For now just a couple of pics.

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Welcome to the GasserHotrods site Lenny good gasser project you have going there. I have a 55 Chevy SD I am working on hope to have it going this year too.
Hey Eljay WELCOME. nice gasser you're working on.
Hey welcome! Nice Delivery!
hi lenny and welcome. good to have you here. going to be a cool ride.
My first ALMOST car was a 55 SD. But my dad would not give me the $50 for the '55 SD, straight 6, 3 on the tree. This was 1967 when I was 15. I worked 3.5 jobs a day at the time. In the 2 weeks that it took me to save up the $50, someone bought it. Welcome to the board and a tri five SD is fantastic. Please keep us updated. I love seeing how different builders do their thing. Have you picked out a drive train yet? Mark L
Thanks for the welcomes. This seems like it will be a cool site if enough people join. I check out the HAMB alot but they seem to have a group of gasser haters so this is more to the point. Mark, as far as the drive train, nothing too out of the ordinary, lumpy .30 over 350, Muncie M21, Ford 8.8 out of an Exploder with 3.73 posi. Also nice Poncho, I have a '69 Custom S. Str8, much gasser action in the south Jersey area?
Eljay, we have a couple gassers down here in SJ but most just don't get it or they are purists and think that you ruined a good car.
Welcome ...awesome project !
great wagon eljay. im a 57 guy but have soft spot for 56s. needs big block. good luck with it see you at the drags. billy the kidd bender
Great start eljay, looking forward to your build.!
I musta missed this one. Love the wagon! ^^ What Rich said!

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