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hello from middletown ny

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bill bender 58years old and im a old dragracer been doing from 16 but at the drags way before that. run mostly nostalgias now with gasser club and two nostalgia clubs. run 62 falcon gasser and 65 dodge straight axle tilt nose and 37 fiat pu alter. run by 48 ford coupe hotrod on off 390 ford 4 speed 57 olds rear 4.56s yes its street car. going to check out nomad want to build copy of a gasser i had in early 70s. see you at the drags
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Welcome Bill! Always room for a new face with lots of cool metal!
Welcome to the board, Bill! Post up some pix!!! Sounds like you got some bad **s stuff!!
Welcome Bill as they said we need pics....
Wow. Welcome Bill. Interesting stuff and welcome to he board. Looking forward to seeing all your stuff. You're 58, I'm about 20 days away from 59. Enjoy the board and keep us up on what your working on/driving. Glad to have you on the board. Mark L
Welcome, Bill. You may hold the site's unofficial record of gassers if you still have all of those. And we do love pics.

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