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Hello from Greenwood, LA

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I'm building a 56 Chevy 2 dr post right now. I was lucky enough to be around old cars my whole life and my father passed his passion on to my brother and me. This is my first build. Looking forward to meeting and making some new friends!
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Welcome Bam! Post some pics when you get a chance!
Welcome aboard, Bam!
Welcome Mr. Bam. Good to have you join our little band of malcontents, heh. In '68 I had the opportunity to buy a built '56 Chevy less engine and trans but just came up short. The owner also owned and ran a true gasser/altered '55 so the engine that was in the '56 was very stout. He had the '56 set up to look like a gasser but stock front suspension etc, no straight axle like his '55 that he raced. I really wanted that car but never got it. My first was a '55 but that '56 always left a spot in my heart for one. Then I went to the dark side (Pontiac). Gotta get us some pics so I can live vicariously thru you. Good to have you here Sir. Mark L
Hello everyone, thanks for the welcome, this is actually a father/son build between my dad and me. I'm 42 and sure have enjoyed the time we have put in together on this car. I have helped him on many, but this is the 1st one that's mine!! :) I will try to get pics posted soon on here as well as the HAMB. We're ready to mount springs and axle right now as well as motor mock up, I've got 2 months to get her on the road for Cruzin the Coast in Biloxi, MS in Oct.
Welcome Bam, geez, all you guys have cars that I think I need!
Welcome Bam
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