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Hello from Garland,Texas

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Hi Everyone,Wayne here. Just found your site. I've got a 55 chevy street gasser. Just finished it in Nov. 2010.I'll try to post a picture. Thanks for having me.
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Hey Wayne welcome. Very nice 55. I'm kinda partial to those 55's myself.
Hi and welcome Wayne. Love the '55. I see you have 302 on the fenders. Is it truly a 302, bored 283 or a true 302? Either one makes for a really neat/fun motor. That is a great looking car. Give us some more info on it when you get a chance. I like the lettering, there but suttle. Great to have you on board. Mark L
I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave... your car is too nice and make the rest of us look bad. :)

Just kidding! Welcome to the site, Wayne. Wow, that is a clean car. Yeah, 301, 302 - what ever it takes! How quick is it? Any timeslips. Ii also see the correct number of pedals, 4sp or more?

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Yes .010 block,large journal DZ crank and rods. 12.5 compression,Sig Erson 306-510 solid cam,Hooker fenderwell headers 461 double hump heads tunnellram w/holley 450's. Never been on the track. 4-SPEED and 4:56 gears.
I bet that thing sings!!! Always wanted to do a nice strong street build on a 302. I did build a 377, 3.48 350 crank in a 400 block. Kind of the big brother of the 302. My bro in law had a '68 Z with a built 302. I don't remember the ET anymore (that was 1969) but I remember the 110 trap speed because I thought he was lying to me. He used to run it up to 8500 regularly with 4:88s and 26 inch tires. Loved that Camaro. Are you running race fuel with that 12 to 1? Mid 1990s when I had the 377 I was at 10:1 and had to back off timing to keep from pinging. I think I had 186 heads. Can you get E85 easily. That would be a very worthwhile conversion for you. Mark L
Greaat looking '55 gasser! Very nicely finished!
Welcome sir ........ glad you've joined us .......... beautiful little '55 .......... very nice work :cool::cool:
VERY nice 55 you have there! Nothing like a screaming 292 or 301!! That puts the biggest grin on my face. Welcome.
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