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Hello from GA

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Whats happenin?? I am from Ga and I am building a 55 chevy gasser like everybody else in the country. I am also on the Two Lane Blacktop forum. I am 32. My friend owns the "War Bird" 55 t bird gasser. I need a set of BBC fenderwell headers if anybody has some.
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Yo Blacksheep55. Nice to have you come on the board. 55 Gasser? Nothing like that here, aaaa, yaeh, heh. But no matter if it's a 55 Chevy or '53 Ford or even my '63 Catalina. We love gassers. This is the home for all things gasser and the more the merrier. I can't wait till all gasser owners come and be part of our little corner of the world. Looking forward to seeing more of your car. Mark L
Welcome! Have you looked at the Speedway big block Tri 5 headers? They're very reasonably priced at around $220.,3830.html
Welcome, blacksheep55. I think there are a couple '55s here. The more the merrier. BBC headers are the easiest and cheapest to find. Someone has coated ones for under $300... Patriot? edit: Look above... Doh!

I have seen pictures of the War Bird before - cool car. If he's not on here too, you get bonus points for bringing in new members. :D

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Thanks fellas. I have seen the patriots and I think that's the ones speedway sells too. I am thinking those are the ones I will use. I will get my buddy on here that owns the warbird. That pic above is from a local car show. He drove that car around 50 miles including on the interstate to get there. He has a very impressive collection of cars, 33 of them, including a 1966 built front engine dragster. I will try and get some pics of my junk up on here soon.
Blacksheep, nice to have you here! Been meaning to join two lane, nice bunch over there. Met Walt at York a couple years back. Super nice guy.

And don't worry bout being "another" 55 Chevy on here. Can't have enough 55's in my opinion.
Thanks str8 axle. Yes I have made a few good friends on there. I don't know if you know Mel from on there, he is friends with Walt and lives in North Brunswick NJ. He is a super nice guy.
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