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Hello from Colorado

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Hi guys.
I am in Fort Collins, CO. My wife and I have a couple of old Corvettes ('67 and '54), and I have a '71 El Camino with a tunnel ram I designed on it.
Love the gasser look!
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Welcome, FortFun. 'Vettes are cool, especially those two particular years. Can we see picks of your tunnel ram setup? That sounds interesting.


Edit: Already posted =-| Dang, you're good!
Welcome Fortfun. Good to have you here. Get us some pics of those 'Vettes. The early 'Vettes made some really great Gassers. There was senior in high school just ahead of me in (I was a Junior, 1969). Lived on a farm and made good money. He had a well set up '67 Vette and he bought some kind of factory special block, I believe it was a cast iron version of the ZL1. That thing was a monster back then. First time I had ever seen a traction bar on a vette. One single one up the middle from the center carrier. Boy I miss those days, heh. Enjoy the board. Mark L
Welcome from Pittsburgh.... this is a GREAT forum with a lot of GREAT "hot rodders" hanging out here!!!!
Welcome to the forum sir ............. glad you've joined us
Welcome! Sounds like some very nice rides!
Thanks for all the hospitable welcomes!

The '54 is my wife's car, and gets no modifications. The '67 is mine, and has a cross-ram squeezed under the stock small-block hood. We did have to trim one of the hood reinforcing ribs - should have bought a repro hood and not cut the original!

The Elco is a test bed for the tunnel ram. I haven't taken any pictures of it with the tunnel on it yet.


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Hey Mister!! Nice Vette!! I like that green. Got good stuff in the small block? Gotta be fun to drive that. Nice. Mark L
Hi Fortfun, WELCOME. hope you like the site
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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