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Hello from California

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Just wanted to say Hi! I've gravitated over from the Tri Five forum, and I want to get a little more involved with this site. I love the Gasser look. My screen saver on my computer is a picture of a '55 Chevy Gasser called: "Quick Trip". I'm currently looking for a '55 Chevy that my son and I can work on. It's only a matter of time before the right one comes along.
Michael :D
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HEY welcome michael, great site here. hope you find your project car.I've been looking at some from ca. on ebay. Roy
Hey Michael, good having you here! Gasser's are great! Had one in the late 60's, street car built on a school kid's budget. It was fun and fast. Got away from them for many years, a few different kinds of racing and many Hot Rods. Now I'm back to another Gasser and lovin' it! Brings back lots of memories from the time when a guy could afford to drag race without a 6 figure budget for the summer. Going to race mine a bit, but also going to spend some time on the street and lots of small town car shows and Rod Runs just sharing the "Gasser Gospel" with others who were there, and those who wished they were!

Have fun with your search, makes it a really special project being able to do it with your son!
Welcome to the site Micheal. Get yourself a gasser candidate and have at it. Do what you like and enjoy it with your son. Nothing better unless you share with any and all family. Keep us posted as you find one and start your project. We love seeing other examples. Enjoy the site too as it grows bigger and better everyday. Mark L
Hello and Welcome Michael Also from Northern California. Nothing better than a father and son building a car together! Working on a 1967 El Camino with mine.
Welcome Michael!
Like Dave, I had a '55 150 business coupe gasser right after I got out of hi school over 40 years ago! Lots of cars since then, but last summer I got back into a gasser when I started building my '46 Austin. Almost done with mine now, and it's got a couple hundred miles on it, but back apart for a rearend upgrade now.
hi michael and welcome. good to have you here.
Hey Michael, I guess I missed your intro... welcome!
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