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Hello form the new guy

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Just wanted to say hey.... just came across the site while looking up axle info....HA! Im glad I found the site and hope I learn alot from you guys here.....Im building a few little projects...but having trouble with the 64 F-100 set up.....Chris
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Hello and Welcome Chris. Lots of information on here
Thanks and glad to be here and learn from all of you here, at Gasser HotRods
As Charlie Sheen would say---redundant--duhhh!!. Heh. But I'll happily add, welcome to the board Chris. Good info here and only getting better with good people coming on board all the time. Glad to have you and good luck on the build. Let us know what it is you're doing. Pics, descriptions, and/or projections/expectations of the project. There's always someone that can learn something from everyone. Join in, ask away and add info. Mark L
P.S. That Charie Sheen remark is going to date this reply, HA!
Welcome to the GasserHotrods site Chris.
hi chris and welcome. good to have you here.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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