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Hello everyone.

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Had a great time at the Thompson Gasser event Sat., racing my 38 chevy. Anyone else attend the event?
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Welcome! Wrong coast for me, but I'd love to see pics of the '38!
Is your user name for the 1980 Honda CR? Maybe a CR 480 by chance?
Welcome, lets see some pics!
I was at Thompson. After all that rain on Friday Saturday turned out to be a very nice day..... and the turn-out was pretty good all things considered.

We live about a two hour drive from Thompson. It is a nice old school drag strip.

Did they run on Sunday or were they able to get all things done on Saturday????

Is your '38 metallic RED?

Where in Ohio do you live?

We live south of Pittsburgh.
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Welcome 1980cr. Great having you here. I bought a 1940 Olds coupe to make into a gasser but being a Pontiac guy I used it with another car to get my '63 Pontiac Catalina. If I could swing buying a 38-40 POntiac coupe I'd love to build a gasser with that. Your body style makes a fantastic looking gasser. Get us some visuals posted so we can get jealose, heh. Great having you join in on the fun here. Mark L
Welcome to the site. Love the big coupes. Post some pictures soon.

Welcome 1980cr. great site hope you enjoy it.
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