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Heater Delete Plate

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I was thinking of buying a chrome heater delete or bulkhead cover plate etc for my engine compartment.

However I wanted one easy to work with and inexpensive so I could cut access holes in it for my ac / heater hoses etc, But the one you buy that are chrome have access holes if you want but not in the location I wanted.

I have always liked diamond plate, but it is really hard to cut etc.

Tonight at Lowes I found the answer, this stuff comes in a sheet that is 12" X 24 inch and only cost 26.00. It is called bright aluminum and looks close to diamond plate, plus when I am done I can do a high polish finish on it, and I cut it with my jigsaw and it cuts very easy and fast.

I am not a metal man so this first cut isn't perfect.

This is the old metal one and the new one I just cut.

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Nice! It's always nice to find solutions in unexpected places. Usually when you are looking for something else!


looks great otis. still have all your fingers too, right?
Looks good big O.Nice to pass info to others.
Very cool! I find alot of stuff at home depot.
For those with a 55/56 Chevy, an ashtray skin makes a nice heater control delete plate for the dash.
I cut aluminum using my jig saw with a wood cutting blade. It doesn't clog up and it cuts the soft aluminum easily. I spray it with a good cutting oil (Kroil) to make it work even better!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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