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I was thinking of buying a chrome heater delete or bulkhead cover plate etc for my engine compartment.

However I wanted one easy to work with and inexpensive so I could cut access holes in it for my ac / heater hoses etc, But the one you buy that are chrome have access holes if you want but not in the location I wanted.

I have always liked diamond plate, but it is really hard to cut etc.

Tonight at Lowes I found the answer, this stuff comes in a sheet that is 12" X 24 inch and only cost 26.00. It is called bright aluminum and looks close to diamond plate, plus when I am done I can do a high polish finish on it, and I cut it with my jigsaw and it cuts very easy and fast.

I am not a metal man so this first cut isn't perfect.

This is the old metal one and the new one I just cut.

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