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Great buffing system

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I just found a fantastic buffing system that I had to share. It's called Presta Ultra Buffing System.

It's here =>

I've tried several compounds from various vendors, but this stuff works easy and fast. I got the 'kit' with 5 pads, 3 compounds, wax and detail spray. Tony at the local Industrial Finishes recommended it to me when I was picking up a new pad for the 'Solo' system that I was using.

All I did was use my D/A with 800 then 1500, both dry, on the Glasurit clear coat. A few minutes of buffing with the black pad and compound, followed by the green pad and compound, then the blue foam with the finishing compound. I used this on the 'Benz that I have been fixing up for my cousin. I added pearl-in-clear stripes (so they are like 'ghost stripes' ) on the hood and trunk that then needed buffing. They look so much better than the rest of the car I'm going to have to buff the whole thing again!

I didn't post any shots 'cause it's an OT car, but if any of you do your own paint work and want a killer shine, this is the stuff! Can you tell that I like it?

I't nice when new stuff that you try actually works!

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