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Gotta 'trading for parts' question for y'all

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I have a Ford 223cid that was rebuilt in 2008...pretty hopped spent about $1,800. Has an Offy dual carb intake & Demon 98... got header flanges for it too and I know I'll never see all that $$$ back but do you think this would be a fair trade. This dude wants to trade for this...

*30's-40's Ford Axles/Wishbones (2 axles 1 set of wishbones, not split)
* 47-54 Chevy truck axle
*53-54 Chevy car spindles/drum brakes, w/steering arm and drag link
*'33 Chevy car leaf springs.
*Ford 9", with the Traction Master traction bars and all hardware
*Tube grille
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Well from what I've seen that stuff going for around here, it's less than $1,000 worth of parts if you got top prices, and then you have to try and sell it too. Of course as you said you wont get what you have into the engine, but in a trade of parts for parts he shouldn't get more for his parts than they're worth either.
I don't think I'd trade and engine for suspension parts either. Maybe a used Tig welder, or other shop stuff...

Well I was thinking I can use the 49-54 truck axle & 49-54 car spindles for my gasser project, then just order leaf springs from Speedway. The Ford 9" came out of a '53 Ford Club Coupe ex-drag car so its the smaller track width 9" and already setup to work with my rear leafs. Oh I don't know what to do now.
If the axle isn't complete with springs and all the steering components, it's worth about $100 at best. $150 complete. The 49-54 drums are worth the same $100-$130 a pair. Seems like very little for a good rebuilt engine.
Let me get this straight. He wants to trade ALL of that stuff for your six? If so, in my opinion that's a home run for you! Saves you the trouble of having to hunt all those parts down and pay for all of them individually. You'll have 90% of your parts for your car in one shot, and you won't have to store that six till you can find someone to buy it.
Not sure if you were thinking to use the car spinldes etc on the truck axle but check further to see if they bolt on correctly. If I'm not mistaken the camber angles of the two may not mix. I hope I'm not misleading you but I remember seeing something (possibly on the H.A.M.B. board) about the camber difference causing excessive (like a lot) of positive camber when you bolt on the car spindles to the truck axle. If that is the case then the parts are worth even less to you. They are way less as it is. But I can not always argue since I've been known to give parts away in a trade just to get the thing I needed. That was back when I could better afford the loss and usually for a good friend that really needed the help. On the surface it is not a good deal. In your heart it may be though. A good rebuilt running and hopped up 6 like that should be able to sell for at least a grand. Mark L
The car spindles wont work, but the car drums use the same bearings, so you cn convert from 6 bolt to 5 bolt by just using the drums.
That's correct. All you need is the hub and drum to convert the axle to five lug. The car spindles would be perfect for a tube axle.
See I still got my marbles but I just have a hard time arranging them in order, heh. Markus Forgetimous
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