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I picked up a set Saturday at Pomona Swap Meet.

They look to be in great shape. There are 165's on them now but I have some skinny 6.00x15 bias-plys that I want to run. Basically the same size, maybe 1/2" shorter.

My question is the bolt holes - are they always off center? If you look at the holes they are slightly to the right of center (left from the rear view). It's an aesthetic thing for me. Probably fine, but just wanted to have another opinion.

Anyone have any experience running tires this skinny on a big car like a '55?


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Nice find!!!! At Pomona????? When we visited our son in L.A. it was on Father's Day weekend..... the same weekend the "LA Roadster Show" was held. In addition to the show there was a huge "swap meet" area. I saw stuff I NEVER knew existed!!!! Being we flew there couldn't bring home anything too big.

While I was there I picked up a swap meet flyer. Unlike here they have "swap meets" every few weeks. A "hot rodder's dream-world!!!!

We also went to the Pre-LA Roadster Show "Open House" at So Cal Speed Shop. What a great time that was. That place is totally awesome!!!! All kinds of really great projects in the shops & of course so many great cars in attendance. Jimmy Shine & Pete Chapouris were gracious hosts spending time to talk & take pictures with everyone.

I have been looking for a pair of Indy Drag mags .....

At the swap meets I'm always looking...... someday!!!!!!
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