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Good Timing on my part

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Several weeks ago picked up another ( larger trans cooler ) with a/n fittings on the ends from BE COOL, OK so last night go to a local car show enter it, my door prize was Gotta show trans lines stainless with a/n fittings, now probably would`nt of bought those seeing how they are 130 per set, but my timing was great, should of played the lottery....LOL
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Congrates on the win. Like I always say,--Procrastination is the path to happyness--but my wife still dosen't like it, heh. (Opps, quiet, her she comes). Mark L
I usually win something I've already got two of! Nice win Rich!
Thats generally what happens here, last year I won at to separate shows flamed mail boxes, so I gave one away, the other in my garage as wall the man cave.
C--Procrastination is the path to happyness--
Ain't that the truth, brother!

I love it when a plan (or fortuitous occurrence) comes together. ;D

Congrats!!! They don't usualy give good stuff like that away at shows out here.
I won a pair of mufflers at a Pontiac show one time. I had a door prize ticket and my wife had one. Now you have to understand that I normally never, ever win anything. Well my ticket came up for the mufflers. I was not believing it at all. But I took 'em anyways, heh. The guy standing next to me mentioned that he did not get a ticket since they came late to the show. I turned and gave him my wifes ticket since only real lightening ever strikes me twice. And damn it, two prizes later they called that number. The guy tried to hand it back to me laughing that he could not take my prize but the only prize left was another pair of muffers. So he and I walked off with mufflers. I will say that I have been lucky in finding cars though. Even though I'll swear I wasn't, heh. Mark L
I went to over 150 events last year and never won a single doorprise.!!! 4 times every number in a series except mine was called.
Hey, won a can of hand cleaner at last cruise. It was a biggen too.
I won a set of 9 assorted pliers last weekend at the cruise. I've got plenty, but seems I can never find them when I want them!
That was the first time I won anything in about ten years that I`ve been doing shows, actually cruize nites, so some how it was a omen...LOL I don`t know how, just got darn lucky on this one usually its a wheel cleaner or that kind of stuff, this was a bran new place opening up with some high dollar cars there, I kinda felt out of place, my brother inlaw talked me into going, hey my cars a driver, these were all billet underneath with paint jobs you didn`t dare go near....
Those high end cars are OK, but I love cars you can really drive and enjoy! Your Chevy is really great!
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