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Good morning gassers

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Hey Friends
This is a sticky thread that each morning, day, or evening we can stop in and say hello. :D
So Good Morning Gassers, it's 10 below on my front porch this morning. I'm going to fire up my secondary heat source today ( wood furnace) to help take the coal usage down a bit.. :D This should warm y'all puter screen a bit.
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Hey Steve it's cold here in Detroit this morning too. The furnace looks toasty! I bet yer runnin' out of coal faster than last year.

Have a great day...
Your right there, I'm using coal this year like it's free. But I can heat my shop and house on a typical winter for around 15 to 1800 bucks . This year may be the latter!!!!
Thanks Steve, all heat appreciated.It was cold here ion ky also but not as cold as where you are.Had to invest in a new heater for my garage so i could work on my gto this winter.
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Good eveing to you guys sinse I`m at work by 4:15 every morning, feel sorry for your high fuel bills, althought we do supplement out heat with an airtight stove, my last gas bill was $86.00. Once my daughter leaves home it will go down. Saturday was a balmy 66 degrees, clear and sunny once the fog burned off. I ended up doing the all the yard chores....
Good Morning Gassers :D :D SO much nicer this morning its 23 above this morning... :D :D
Good morning. A balmy 31* this morning. Alot better than yesterday when it was -9.
Hey 31 is like springtime compared to yesterday :D :D
Good morning all! 27* and cloudy in South Jersey this morn. Supposed to get hit with another Nor'easter tonite. Hope it passes nort of us, still have snow on the ground from the last three! Well, have a great day everyone! Peace!
Good Morning Gassers, have a great day. ;)
Hey Steve- It's now lunchtime so what ya workin' on today?
Well we took a day out to hang some peg board,for some of my shaping tools, and get less clutter, since I moved into my smaller shop it's been a bit of a challenge to keep the shop organized. This spring we should start the addition which may help some. :)
Good morning Gasser Friends, Off and running later this afternoon (if weather behaves) to pick up another C10 :D. This one is a 68 with a 350 ci and turbo auto, with a flat bed. There becoming a habit :D :D
Good Morning or Afternoon Gasser's :D :D
Good afternoon Steve. Bright and sunny for a change here in Niagara Falls. Brian
Good evening everyone, we are getting ready for a snow storm Tuesday into Wednesday, 12 plus inchs with wind. Oh well it is winter.

Well Brian no heat wave here but it was 39 degrees out today.
Geez Jon a foot of snow and wind that has to make for some rather large drifts :eek:
Good Morning Gassers... I'm ready for our next storm, not happy about it ............but ready :D :D
Good morning. 3* when I went to work at 6:30 this morning.
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