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I had the opportunity to see many of these great cars run at the "Gasser Reunion" at Thompson Drag Strip in '08 & '09.

I was really disappointed when the "Gasser Reunion" (in June) moved to Summit Raceway Park in 2010 & then moved again to Beaver Springs Dragway this past Summer. The "Gasser Nationals" (in September) which used to be held at Thompson was also moved.

Thompson was a really great place to hold a "gasser event". Thompson is an "old school" styled drag strip with racing how it used to be. Without hosting the Gasser Reunion & Gasser Nationals (organized by the Mid West Willys Club/Gasser Magazine) I heard Thompson had its own "gasser events" this past Summer but did not hear how attendance was.... ????

Wonder how the Beaver Springs "Gasser Reunion" at Beaver Springs & the "Gasser Nationals" which moved to Marion County Raceway turned out this past Summer?

Supposedly the best gasser/nostalgia drags/show are the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion held in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Go to:[/URL]

Plan to get there someday..... It's on my "Bucket List"!

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I make the local Woodburn Nostalgia Nationals and the event is really great. Hotrod Nationals at the same venue is also a great show. Just lots of old race cars, with some newer built stuff that's made to look old. It's a lot of fun to watch.
There was a '66 Lemans gasser with chrome straight axle, and a blown big block that was turning 180 mph 1/4 mile runs! All steel too!
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