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Gassers at the Roadster show

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Here's a few pictures of our group at the show!
1959 Rambler with small Olds V8:

1956 Chevy that we just built a pretty radical 350 in:

1941 Plymouth sedan with 350 Chevy:
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My neighbor's 1948 Austin:

My 1946 Austin:
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Cool! See you tomorrow.

You're welcome!
Met Mike (mt94ss) at the show today! Nice to meet you Mike! Enjoyed getting together with another gasser fan!
Thanks for the pics!!! That '56 looks very nice!!! Is that a "new" gasser or a rebuild of an original from the 60's?
The '56 was a low rider about a month ago, with a somewhat anemic 265/Powerglide in it. We built the 350, and dropped in some performance parts, plus the fenderwell headers. Put a set of side motor mounts and a TH350 with crossmember. Then put a pair of 409 coils in the front and a pair of ball joint spacers. Took the lowering blocks out of the back and replaced the leafs with some re-arched leafs. It went from low and slow to high and fast!
He picked up a Weiand tunnel ram yesterday for it, and that will replace the Edelbrock TK-1 and Eddy carb. some time in the near future. It's really a pretty car inside and out, so not much needed to make it a classic gasser style car.
Great pics. Looked like a nice show. Love the color combo on the '56. Never been a fan of the early plymouths but I could go for that one. Pretty cool. Mark L
Good to meet you and your brother, too! I am amazed in how fast you got the car to where it is. And it's so small. You don't realize until you are next to it. You should tell the story of the guy who thought it was a Ford!

It was nice to see a few gassers at the show.

I thought that I had seen the '56 before so I looked through my album and found it from '08 at an Under Construction show in Vancouver. These are from my daughter's camera (she was 9) so the shot isn't the best.




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Yeah it was fun! Interesting that you had a picture of the '56 as a lowrider still!
The guy who was convinced it was an Anglia was funny. He said about 6 of his friends had a similar Anglia in hi school, passing it around from one to another. I told him this wasn't an Anglia, and he said yes, he knew it was an English Ford. Told him it was an Austin, and he said yes he knew it was a pretty rare Prefect. I again told him it was an Austin, and that although it was a rare 1946, that it was not an Anglia, English Ford, or Prefect. He continued on with his conclusion that it was an Anglia, so I finally gave up trying to convince him otherwise. :)
Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like it was a fun show. Your "Austin" is looking good. The '56 looks a lot better than the previous rendition.
Seems after a few of us decided to build gassers, my friend who owns the '56 finally gave in and decided to go the gasser route too. I think it's a major improvement as a gasser, and it seemed to go over well at the show. All of the cars in our group barely made completion for the show! It was a real scramble to get done.
Now that the show is over I'll start on my body work one panel at a time and either prime or do temp paint on each panel as it's completed. I really want to put lots of miles on the Austin over the summer. My wife will be relegated to driving the old Camaro we've owned for 38 years!
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