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Hi again everyone. Just found this website the other day. Like the format & general overall "laid-back" feeling of the site.

How long has this site/forum been on the Internet????

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here & possibly meeting some of you at nostalgia drags, Good Guys, etc, etc....

We live in Western, PA (South Hills of Pittsburgh) we have traveled to "Gasser" events in Ohio (Thompson Drag Strip - Summit/Norwalk - Quaker City)

Anyone else live around here????
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Hey, John. I'm in South Jersey, but Have and do attend some stuff in Pa. You do the Jalopy Showdown at all? I haven't done the Jalopy Drags as of yet, something gets in the way each year.
Great to have you here. Awesome bunch here, loads of info for us youngsters...Welcome!
I'm way down here in Phoenix (Glendale AZ). I'm originally from just outside Milwaukee WI. I wished I could get back up and east to some of those gasser shows and drags. Probably never happen so I have to live through you guys. If you guys feel a dead weight lump on you back that will be me just kind a hangin' around, heh. Anytime you guys get to these get togethes take some pics for us shut ins. I should talk. I always forget to take pics. Mark L
I'm way down here in Phoenix (Glendale AZ)..... Mark L
Hey Mark.... We are "lucky" to live near the areas known historically as the "center" of the "gasser Wars". Most hot rodders (including myself) would automatically assume that "Southern California" would be the "hub" of Gasser racing..... after all, it is for everything else "hot rod".

In addition being able to attend these "nostalgia drag races" we have had the opportunity (honor) to meet some of the racers that made the early days of "organized drag racing" the exciting historical events that people today are so into reminiscing about and trying to emulate through "Vintage Drag Racing" that are being held " at drag strips everywhere.

I recently read somewhere that "nostalgia drag racing" is growing in popularity more so than any part of the sport. Plus more "gassers" are showing up at the local car cruises & car shows/events than ever before. I am sure many of you know what I mean. Just park your "gasser" at a cruise, show or drag strip & "stand back" and watch the "swarm" of people arrive. :D

At these events we were able to meet "Ohio George" Montgomery - Barbara Hamilton (the first woman to have a NHRA competition license - see the Winter 2010 & Spring 2011 issues of Rod & Kulture Magazine to see a GREAT 2-part article about her) and more.... in addition to meeting these people we had the opportunity to see many of the great drag cars like Stone-Woods & Cook - Ohio George" Montgomery - Jr Thompson - Joe Mondello. First model car I built when I was a kid was the Stone-Woods & Cook Revell Model. So I have been a "gasser-guy" for a longtime.... I am currently 64 yrs. old.

I have to admit I was quite surprised (and pleased) when the former owner of this OPEL GASSER agreed to TRADE me for the G-Body El Camino I had.

It's always a lot of fun getting another "hot rod". Digging thru the catalogs, searching the Internet, going to swap meets to find deals on parts and the endless "mind games" we all play when working on or building a hot rod...... I will hate to see Summer end but I am looking forward to "getting to work" on the Opel this Winter.

Major changes planned for this Winter "SO FAR" will be ..... modifying the front clip to a "one piece tilt frontend" - raising the front of the car another 3-4 inches - stripping off ALL the paint & applying "flat black" with race car lettering/graphics and or flames (not sure what to do exactly yet!!???!!) - Fabbing a rear rollpan with "frenched" 63-67 Corvette tail lights - add some "bolt-on" engine goodies I have laying around (Corvette valve covers - 2.02 heads & a two 4 barrell crossram manifold - MSD Ignition and more)..... with Plenty MORE to COME !!!!
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Sound slike some great plans for the Austin John! I'd love to meet some of the old owners/drivers from the gasser wars, but they never seem to get out this way much. I've talked to some of the local guys who raced them on a small time basis, but never met any of the top guys.
Welcome Opel... I have`nt been on in a while..
I believe the Ohio area was the hottest of hot beds for the gassers back in the day. Still a big stock or door slammer state. Mark L
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