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Garage Sale

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Selling some stuff thats been laying around the garage that may be of use to someone else.
All prices are + shipping

1. set of SBC M/T valve covers......$50 SOLD

2. set of SBC Edelbrock Elite tall valve covers w/breather.......$30 SOLD

3. shifter mount plate for v-gate shifter to Ford top loader......$25

4. MrGasket chrome timing cover set SBC (New).......$20 SOLD

5. Superior rear spring shacle set (NOS).......$20 SOLD

Any questions or offers PM me on here or email me at [email protected]
More stuff soon.
Thanks for looking.


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Open to offers and/or trades!!!!!
I have a couple new items up for grabs......

NMW Ladder Bars..... $75 obo + ship (did some research, found these to be NMW ladders due to them originally having orange paint. These are same as Lakewood, but Lakewood were yellow)

Vintage M&H slicks, 9.50/14, good for static display or mock-up...... $75 obo + ship

Ask any questions. Local pick up is always an option. I am listing these locally, so this listing will get edited accordingly.


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******, check your inbox. I sent you a PM.
Ladder bars still available.
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