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Fun fab

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Hi Guys
A fellow who owns a 34 Chevy I built back in the early 90's has been in touch with me off and and on just for general conversation. He is the 4th and last owner since the car was built.
About two weeks ago he called me and wanted something for his running boards so when some ones foot comes in contact with them it won't scratch the paint.
Now they make tread plates that are a thick aluminum.
Well Bob didn't want that, so we came up with something simple, but different enough he won't see one like his at a show any time soon.
Here's what I came up with, I started out with 60 thousands aluminum.

After panel is cleaned up

I was lucky enough to have a 34 Chevy running board on hand to be able to test fit and shape.

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Here the panel with a flame embossed and cleaned with some heavier grit, to remove some marks i put in not paying attention to what I was doing.

Here it is fast forward cleaned up.

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Here's the actual 34 that the scuff plates are going on.

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That's sweet, man! Nice work!!
Thank you Ray :D
Beautiful scuff plates, and appropriate for the car from what I see. Nice to tie them into the valve cover theme.
Exactly my thought with the flames, Austin :D :D It's hard to actually see all the flames in the paint were it's candy but there is three sets of different color flames on the whole car. All which was done in the base of the candy. When the wine berry went over it, it was a stunning effect. :D :D
Just a question. Are the embossed flames raised at all? I was just wondering if they are, will they flatten from being stepped on? Otherwise great looking scuff plates. Love the color of the '34. Always wanted to play with candy colors and then put designs in the base color for that ghost affect. Mark L
Pro shop rules!!!!

STEVE .... another awesome idea &..... how'd ya do that??? :confused:

I really love all the things that can be done with sheet metal especially in drag cars with exposed metal work (door panels, floors. etc)

GREAT IDEAS + SKILL/WORKMANSHIP = great hot rods!!!!!

I have ideas BUT NOT the skills......

Other have the skills but not the ideas.....

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Hi Mark
Yes the flames are raised up just about 3/8 of an inch. The aluminum is 60 thousands and after being work has become rigid. The round of the flame acts as a dome or a truss. However we discussed as the owner (Bob) gluse the panel to the running board to fill the flame area with the epoxy glue or even body filler which absolutely garruntee they won't lose shape. :)

Hi John
Thanks so much for the compliments , but more then many times I struggle with ideas if not I have the idea and have to figure out how the heck to getter done. :) :)

I will post how I accomplish that flame, I have to do the drive side yet.
Yup that makes sense Steve. Thanks. Mark L
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