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Hi Guys...... I hang my head in shame :eek: :eek: I haven't posted for some time now. but now that summer has past and winter is ready to settle in I should have more time to post.
Here is a part I built a few weeks ago, and combined my efforts by fabricating a front cross member with bottom radiator mounts.

I used 1 1/2 120 wall dom. I didn't show all the bending involved, or the fish mouth cuts in the tubing. I just plain forgot.... :confused:

Once I was satisfied with the cross member, I set out to make the rad mount. Heres my layout that will give me both side panels of just one of the sides.

Here the holes are in place. The one in the center ( 1 1/12 ) will be divided in half to be used as a mount around the tube.

Just some trimming on the excess tab.

All cleaned up and fits the tube nicely.

Now to make a bottom tray for the radiator to set in.
I bent a piece of 16 gauge, and rolled the edge over on it self. This gave it a smoother edge and doubled the edge strength.

Here you can see where I am mounting the bottom mount.

Here the bottom mount tacked together.

Now to position the mount on the crossmember and tack it in place.

Now tacked in place, I removed the member so I could tig weld the assembly on the bench.

And finally in place, now to tack the assembly in place for good.


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Very nice work! Out of curiousity, do the dimple dies serve another purpose besides aesthetics? I imagine it would lighten the pieces up some.

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Hi again to ALL ..... I also "hang my head" ..... Has been quite a long time since I posted anything on the GHR forum. Have had a busy Summer.

Gina"s Dad health seriously declined over the past few months (Dimensia). He struggled as hard as he could until this horrible illness took control of his whole body. He pasted away a few weeks ago. :0(

Hopefully I will be able to regain my "daily posting" as I once did.

GLAD to see you back Steve. Ironic we both "showed up" at approximately the "same time". Needless to say I have also not done any work on the Opel GT. Nor did we go to most of the car cruises/shows & swap meets.

Still have lots of "loose ends" to tie up before Winter weather gets here and I can get back to even thinking about working on the Opel.

A few weeks ago I did receive an email from a Pittsburgh International Reunion Group that said there was conversation going on FACEBOOK about our OPEL GT.

When I logged on I posted a picture of the GT as I found it stored under a tarp. In less than a 1/2 hour I had over 40 "friend requests" from drag racers in the Rochester, NY. This is where our Opel GT was built & raced until '81.

As a few weeks went by I was able to find one of the previous owners of the Opel. He & other Facebook friends sent me pictures of it as it was raced at "Spencer Drag Strip". Pictures as it was made into the CE/A "Hot 'n Nasty" and also pictures of it BEFORE it was painted red white. I have not been able to find the original owner of the GT when it was first built yet. I continue to post pictures of the car on Facebook every week or so hoping to find out more as time goes on.

Attached is the "latest picture" I received just a few days ago ..... (near lane)
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