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Front Axle Shackle Length

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I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to get my Falcon the "just right look" as far as height goes. Axle under the springs was too high, axle over the springs was too low, but I built some temporary shackles that are 4" center to center length instead of the ones that came from Speedway (1 1/2"). Now it sits "RIGHT". Is there any problem using a longer shackle? I will make a set from 1/4" or 3/8" thick x 1 1/2" flatbar for rigidity. Anyone see any problems??
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If the shackles are on the back you should be ok, but if they are on the front you may have to shim the axle to retain your rearward kingpin tilt. It sould be min. 7 degees. I like using more because it gives a more stable ride. If you still have sway you may have to try a panhard bar. Good luck-post some pics!
If the the kingpin angle isn't set yet, then you can easily use 4" and not have an issue. I also didn't use the Speedway shackles, and built mine from flat bar too. Mine are 1.5" by 5/16" flatbar, but 3/8 " would work too. I had to build mine because my car was a straight axle car originally, and I wanted to reuse the factory rear location on the frame.
Decided to make some taller brackets and use the short shackles. Should be more stable.
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