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Formerly Sun Chaser, now BigUgly

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Had an account, but it never worked right. Decided to try again. Changed handle to what I'm naming my stude, plus it fits the driver too. haha. Onward and upward.
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Welcome... what type is your stude?
Love those old 50's Studes! What year is your's?
Welcome BigUgly. You'll have to explain the new name or the preconceived idea of your looks are going to be awful, heh! What year and any pics of the Studie?? I love '53's. Glad you came aboard and looking forward to seeing you in print. Mark L
I guess it's "re-welcome" then huh? Lol!
Stude's are bad ass!!! Let's have some pix.....
It's coming together. It's a '40 studebaker commander. Not similar to the 50's body style at all.

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That is sweet! I have that air scoop - I figure it's worth at least 3 mph. :D A few years ago I almost got a '37 Hudson gasser. Similar in the back to yours. Can't wait to see it come together! Are those Packard caps in the background?

Opps, sorry, I had the '53 stude in my head when I was reading your post. Love the coupe. More pics and build updates. Mark L
hi big u and welcome. good to have you here. cool ride.
Oh heck that Stude coupe is fantastic! What a great looking gasser!
Are those Packard caps in the background?

Yep- They are Packard caps in the background. Pretty good shape too (near perfect). Unfortunately, they are not available. They are my fiance's and apparently have sentimental value of some sort. They are hanging on the wall for her.

As for the studebaker. The body shots are a bit old. I have since turned the frontend into a tilt-nose, added a roll cage, and got rid of the shaved handles and made some exterior handles/mechanisms for it. I have also finished up the rearend and have added custom built traction bars in the rear.

The project is pretty close to being ready to have teh drivetrain dropped in. I'm not going to do any body work this year. I have had the car for 3 years in various forms and I'm tired on watching it sit still. It's time for the car to get on the pavement....ugly or not.

There's a nostalgia 1/8mi drags being held near my house on May 22 (Pacemakers in Mt. Vernon, OH). I'm trying to self impose a deadline to make it. We'll see what happens. It's going to be really tight.
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Very nice coupe BigUgly, I have liked Studes since I was a kid. Welcome back to GasserHotrods.
Welcome back to the group. Your car looks great!
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