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FNG from the buckeye state !

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Hello Fellow Gassers , I hail from the central part of Ohio a sub burb of Columbus, My dad got me into old cars( trad. Hotrods and Customs) at 14 and have been hooked ever since. I have always like older drag cars, and even helped a friend with his 73 cuda race in a weekly points series. Recently I bought back A truck I owned in Highschool (20yrs ago)and was trying to figure out what to do with it? I was recently bitten by the Gasser bug the look, the style ,the stance all just scream in your face race car!!

So flame me if you want but my plans are to take my 1985 s10 and do it up gasser style, I know not what you consider "prime material" but if we all built the same stuff it would be BORING!
Not to mention I think it's time to see one done this way.:cool:
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Welcome! Fairly New Gasser. Don't worry about your truck, we like them all. You better hurry to beat the other guy here that has a Dakota. Let's see who can finish first.

Oh, you gotta see this if you are a Browns fan... I feel his pain.

See you Sunday... :D

Hey HotRod, welcome to the most unbiased Gasser board that you're going to find. We WELCOME new thinking and new projects. Look around at what we have here and you will find that you fit right in. I like to think we are starting our own traditonal Gasser builds. We are closer to the very start of the gasser class in that we are building what we have available or what we like. We have your tri fives, we got your Studes, we got your Henry J, we got your Opels (wagons no less), we got your early coupes, and a full size stupid fat '63 Catalina. We have a Dakota project starting. If you promise to do what you want with what you have then come on down and join in the fun. We all love the Gasser look, all kinds and all levels. Great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing more of your build.

P.S. The only flamin' we do is with a paint gun. Everyone is appreciated for what they bring to the board. Mark L
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Thanks for the welcome , Here is where we begin( my starting material):D
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Welcome! The S10 would really look good with a narrow box and trailer style fenders liike the old gassers ran. I'd probably also shorten the wheelbase as much as practical too, just to make it different!
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