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Here are a few of my favorite cars from the show.

The black '37 is for Rich... they are so cool.

The nailhead is just eye candy. Someday I may put one of these in my '55 if I can find a decent intake.

The sectioned '55 is kinda weird looking. It looks to be steel, so there's a ton of work there.

The Willys is kinda pro-street/gasser. I'm not sure of what I think of hte fake injector stack... it's a cool air cleaner. I would probably leave the hood down so it's not as obvious.

The '55 is hot! Very nicely done.




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Missed the Planters Day show at Woodland! I wanted to go up there Friday night, as the forecast sat. was miserable. The fake injectors look like the Garlits models, and at first glance they look good, but it's pretty obvious they're fake.
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