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Hi All,

I know I'm "fresh out of the egg" new here and some people get sore when someone joins a forum just to sell something. But I'm not selling anything, per say, just trying to help the family get information out there, and being a classic car guy and a member of many car forums (Ford Muscle, FE, Ford Truck, HAMB, etc) I am tapping into whatever resources I can. I've been working on classic cars for decades, but never got into the gasser scene, mostly because I have nowhere to really enjoy one up here in New England and have no garage space (1950 Ford F1 and a 1965 Galaxie 500 conv) for another project.

Short story, a lifelong and very knowledgeable Ford guy passed away last year (in Buck's County, PA) and left his widow and daughter with an immense amount of stuff. I have been working with a member of another forum (FE forum) and even stopped by their house on the way through PA to see what was there, take some pics, and even buy a few parts off of them. I don't live near them at all, and am doing this with them through text and email.

Some of what I saw:
56(?) Victoria Gasser with a supercharged 390..tubbed, 4 link, Wilwoods, toploader. They have all parts for this, including trim and interior parts. He started a suicide door conversion but have the orig doors, too. This ran when he passed away a year ago.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread

Automotive tire Light Tread Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Car Automotive design

55 (?) Victoria Gasser with a 460 (I think, but def a BBF)...tunnel ram intake, automatic (but clutch pedal is still in there), car ran when he passes away. He was prepping another supercharged 390 for this one (almost complete) to run it in a Ford FE event.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering part

Not a gasser, but has a wicked 61 Starliner 515ci, 4 speed, tubbed, and 4 link. Runs strong, just driven recently by a family friend. Gorgeous and bad a** car! They may try to sell this on BaT or Hemmings

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Aforementioned supercharged 390, nearly complete, but blower and demon carbs not on the engine yet. (I would have bought this for my Galaxie but am not interested in cutting the hood.

Motor vehicle Engineering Gas Machine Machine tool

Electrical wiring Engineering Gas Electronic component Office equipment

Much, much more there. They are trying to find receipts for the engine builds, but he did A LOT of work himself (he was a mechanic and diehard FE guy), including the fabrication and body work on the Gassers.

Bottom line is: They need help from our various car communities, and not someone who will take advantage of them. Ideally, someone may want to swoop in with a trailer or two, bulk buy the valuable or sellable parts, help get the Gassers sold, etc. There are many things (tools, shop equipment, misc non-car stuff) that may need be donated or sold locally, but there is some very nice stuff in there. They are not keen on crating or shipping anything big, but may put some of the stuff we identified on ebay. They aren't looking to rip people off for any of it and just want it to go to a new home. Likewise, we don't want anyone screwing them over. They won't part out the cars, as they don't have the resources to do it.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. If interested, I can arrange contact with the family.
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