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Electric heat

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Hope this is the right place, I'm considering a electric ceiling heater, tired of cutting wood. The 1 side of my side garage is 24x36 with 13.5 ft ceiling. Been looking at the ceiling mount heaters. Anyone have experience with these? How hard are they on electric and any other problems. I have a wood furnace now, it heats the 1 side and is piped in to the other 24x36 side. I would just use it on the 1 side, maybe add another 1 on the side I do all that hot rod stuff later.
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Electric heaters work fine, but aren't cheap to heat with. But any source other than free wood isn't going to be cheap to heat with either. Getting high up is an issue as you're putting the heat source up where the heat is going to rise to anyway, so it's going to have to run longer to get the heat down at your work areas. It can help to add some slow moving ceiling fans to push the heat back down, but then air movement also makes the space feel cooler than it is.
I would probably want to install wall hung heat down lower to gain better heating at floor level. Not so low as to blow in your face, but low enough to be more efficient at getting floor space warmer.
Depends on your electric rates, vs. propane cost as to which is the better choice. Electricity might go out, but propane wont work either if the power is out. It still needs 120v. to operate the controls and fan to work.
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Propane is to expensive, I'd say electric will come in a close second. Wood is to expensive to buy and using a chain saw all day is getting a lot harder. I was buying blocks, pine and oak, at a saw mill where they were making railroad ties. $30 for a 18 ft trailer load. They closed down because they couldn't keep help.
That was a huge bargain price for wood! Around here a cord of wood sells for around $150. Most people buy a $15 wood cutting permit, and drive an hour or two to get to areas you can cut up windfalls. I always thought that was silly as back then the drive time, gas, and your work effort didn't make sense to not buy a cord. But back then a cord was $50, and gas was under $2 a gal. Still makes no sense with gas being close to $4 a gal. and all the time and effort it takes.
We haven't used our fireplace in the house in 25 yrs. because my wife can't stand the smoke smell. She's so sensitive to it she can smell a neighbor's fireplace, even with all our windows closed.
I had to drive an hour but I could bring home a trailer load. Had to watch though, those oak blocks added up quick. You could over load a trailer pretty quick. They want a $100 for a pick up load but it turns out to be a 1/2 load when it gets there.
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How is your house heated? Is the garage close to the house?
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