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The following info was written by Vall (1946Austin ) in response to another members question.

Econoline Disc Swap:
Since I'm putting together a '63 Falcon with a 454 Chevy, much of what I've discovered will help you also. Converting an Econoline axle to disc brakes can be very cheap, or very easy, or both! There's a company that sells everything you need to just bolt on for $300, or they sell most of what you need in the way of brackets, and then you buy your own calipers, rotors, and hoses, and it's $100.
The final option (and the one I chose) was $100 complete. I bought Speedway weld on brackets for Chevy calipers at $19 pr., Aerostar rotors for $16 ea. at Autozone, and Chevy metric calipers from mid 80's Chevy at Autuzone for $16 ea. Then I bought hoses from my local brake house to connect to the GM calipers.
The brackets need to be cut to clear around the kingpins, as they are cut for a 3" round axle tube. Then they simply get drilled to match the backing plate holes and bolted on. The rotors simply slide over the stock hubs, and then you can put the calipers on to check center. A small bushing or washers might be needed to center the rotor in the center of the caliper.
Here's the info for D&D for their parts conversion kit:
D & D kit for Ford vans (541)740-9468.

He's a great guy, and happy to help regardless of which route you want to take.
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