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Wow looks like a great show. Wish I was close enough to go

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"Eagle Field fans who plan on joining us Saturday October 5th are in for an "Entertainment Overload" with all your Eagle Field Favorites running on Schedule (12-6pm), Fuel Altereds ROCK the Runway @ 3 & 6pm with the Debut of Leon Fitzgerald's Pure Heaven III recreation, The Return of Stormy Byrd, and then an exciting pass by Jeff Atamian and the BEAST Jet Dragster to Close the show! And we're still not done, immediately after this you are invited to a PIT Party @ the Historic Eagle Field Hanger where the Fuel Altereds will be pitted and a BAND playing on stage....................THEN THERE IS THE SUNDAY RACE!! Check out my info list below to hopefully answer any question you may have or call me @ 559 351 3537. Rocky
**Follow for updates or join us on Facebook!/EagleFieldRunwayDrags
**Online registration is Now Available @
**Gate opens Friday 12pm for campers, vendors, swappers and racers. To get in on Friday entrants need to purchase tickets for both days.
**For Fans who cannot make it to the event, there will be a live broadcast @
**Special Prices on Pre Ordered F&L Race Fuels......Call Tim Ward/TORO Petroleum 559 269 2750
**Sunday OPEN to ALL Years of American Cars
**Saturday Racing is 12 to 6PM TECH Cards/Entry sold UNTIL 11:30 SHARP, TECH Closes @ 12:30 Sharp
**SUNDAY Racing is 10 to 4PM TECH Cards/Entry sold UNTIL 9:30 SHARP, TECH Closes @ 10:30 Sharp
**The TECH Staff plans on POSSIBLY doing some Friday Night TECH Inspections in your Pit. Please have your TECH Card Ready
**PLEASE DO NOT Bring a Golf Cart, Mini Bike, ETC UNLESS your Hanicapped, Towing your Race Car, Racing your Mini Bike, or made previous arangements. Our goal is to stop Joy Riding,Late night RUNS, and other non event activity on the property, if you have a legitament use we're OK with it at this time."

Just got this email describing the schedule at Eagle Field from Rocky!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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