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Have the following items useful in bolting an early dual-range (or single-range for that matter) flat-pan Hydramatic tranny to a Chevy V8. Great if you've got a missing front end to your tranny, or if you've got a flat-pan Olds/Pontiac/Cad tranny you want to put behind a Chevy V8.

--Stock factory iron Chevy V8 bellhousing, $65

--Smaller diameter 18-bolt Chevy torus bowl (might also work for 6-cyl, as well as for V8), $40

Would sell both together in one shot for $95

Add shipping costs from California.
USA shipping destinations only... international will be way too high...

If interested, please e-mail me direct at [email protected]

Also might be able to supply the small 10-1/2" toruses, depends on whether or not they sell to a guy I'm working with right now.
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