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Dent Repair

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Hi Guys
Dent repair has been a common job for as far back as I can remember.
There were several techniques used in the shop I grew up in but they all lead to the same results.
Reversing damage is more paying attention to the damaged area whether it be a ding or a large dent.
Rushing in to the repair most time will result in more fatigued or work hardened metal, causing you to either work harder or replace the panel.
Best to try to decipher were exactly the initial contact area of the damage and work systematically in reverse.
I always looked at it as the soft and hard side of the damage. Think of it like a train and you pull forward with a big heavy engine and the light ones behind will follow.
The more you work with this in mind the easier the repair.
Keep in mind the panel is still the same shape with or with out the damage, just with the damage it is arranged differently. :)
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This the way I was taught by my late father MANY years ago.
Back later Peter.
Hey Steve, I have been working out some of the dents on my Henry j , the passenger front fender looked like a tree limb fell on it. I worked the dent out but now the metal has a slight buldge outward. Do you have any advice on how to get the metal massaged back down.
Thanks, Andy
Hi Andy
Well in most cases we tend to raise the metal a bit further then we needed to, but it's very repairable. You basically have to shrink the area back down a little at a time until you reach level or even just a tiny bit lower for your fillers to bring back the surface grade. Is it possible to get a few different angle shots of your repair ? Then we could work the area down together.
I'm ot sure if you have a shrinking disc, or a slapper. However a hammer and dolly will work just fine. You want to start on the outside of the raised area, and work your way in to the middle. It would be the same as when you shrink a ruffle when shaping. If you go to the inside to quick, you have a greater chance of causing an oil can affect. Grab some photos and let's see what ya got. :)
Steve, Thanks for the info I will try to get some picks posted, then maybe you can talk me through it.
Thanks, Andy
I'll be waiting. :D
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