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NICE!!!! Think it would be "streetable"???? HA!!!!

You & Wally must be on the SAME "wavelength" ..... he also sent me a picture of it. "BS Gassers" think alike!!!!

As I have mentioned before I am going to wait to build the LT1 block I have on an engine stand in the workshop.

The engine that is in the Opel now runs pretty good & sounds "much beefier" than it really is.

I do plan to do a few things to it "just for now"...... will be installing the "two four crossram" I have:

I would also like to add this "blower-style" belt system that I saw in a magazine:

In addition to "looking GOOD" it also gives that awesome "blower-like" sound. Unlike a gear-drive setup" which is known for taking away HP this belt drive system ADDS HP!!!! So it's a "Win-Win".... the only negative is it's a little pricey!

Also in the plans is a deep sump oil pan like the attached picture below:

Of course, before I get to work on the Opel I need to finish the work I am currently doing on the workshop (widening the doorway) so I can get the Opel in there..... almost ready to start putting it back together so everything is going as planned.

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Considering the price difference and no maintenance or occasional belts; I'm going with the gear drive myself. I picked up a gear drive for my SBC on sale for $80, so it's going in while I do the cam install. That's less than the price of one cog belt! LOL
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