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COMING TO AMERICA - - - I got questions I need to ask.

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Hello all Peter C here.
Those who read my first post will know that accompanied by my three Cats (one who traveled with me from Australia to Mexico) and that I have American Sponsor Family and a few other Americans helping me.
I am\was\am a truck driver and plan to gain my American CDL - - - course with vehicle\load weighing LESS than 26,001LBS and load non hazard then no CDL required.
I have some friends in Alabama who are trying to pursuade me Cats and eventually my fiancee (she lives in Florida right now) to consider Alabama as future home.
I seem to remember hearing LOT of stories bout Gassers and Hot Rods from Alabama and am wondering how strong\active is the Gasser scene there???.
ANy-one able to tell me???.
OK be back Monday.
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