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Bracing for Impact!!!

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Well folks, looks as though hurricane Irene is headed straight for NJ. The last computer model I saw showed the eye passing directly over my area. Fortunately, we're prepared and we've already locked everything down and now it's just a waiting game. Earthquake and hurricane in the same week! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!!
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Stay safe Ray. Batton down all the hatches! Sounds like the winds aren't going to be as bad as thought a couple days ago - still 85+mph! Are you near water? That's what I heard was going to be bad was water surging. Hope you make it through and your power stays on!

Luckily, I'm about a mile inland. Not too concerned with the tidal surge, more with the wind. My neighborhood is somewhat "wooded" and there's always the threat of limbs coming down or complete trees in a storm like this.
Glad to see you still have power... is it there yet?
The eye is still south of us down just off of Virginia almost to Deleware. Weather channel has the eye tracking directly over us and heading straight into NYC. We lost power for about two hours earlier tonight, but it's back on for now
We been watching it on CNN pretty much off and on all day....stay safe Ray.....
Now's a good time to switch hobbies to hang gliding, LOL. Seriously, I hope it goes well for you. They've been saying that your ground is so saturated form all the previous rains that you will be seing alot of flooding once all the rain from the hurricane is added in. So be safe and take care, and protect that garage. The heck with the house, protect that garage, heh! Keep us informed on how it all goes. We'll all be thinking about you. Mark L
Thank you gentlemen for your well-wishes. Woke up this morning and couldn't be more relieved! Other than a few small branches and a lot of leaves and small twigs, we are virtually unscathed!!! A few of our neighbors didn't fair as well, though. There are trees & wires down on both of the adjacent streets to ours and they are without power, but ours is on. Haven't gone out and about yet to survey the rest of town, but if I see anything bad, I'l post pics.
Thanks again, guys!
Glad you're OK. You've had a heck of a week back there!

All our prayers worked. Good to hear you made it in good shape. Mark L
Glad you made it through unscathed Ray! Looks pretty nasty from what we see on TV.
Thanks again, guys!
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