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Super nice pair of M/T valve covers for big block Chevy...part number : 140R-48B

Both covers still have the original drippers in place, they have not been removed or modified, one polished, the other in the original shiny finish :

POLISHED COVER : super nice condition, with the PCV plug removed, and chrome, twist-on oil fill cap...

ORIGINAL FINISH COVER : very nice, with the PCV plug removed, but the oil fill plug still intact...there is what looks like a casting/machining flaw on one of the gasket retainer notches on one end, but, it doesn't effect gasket seal...just thought I would mention it...

...also, there is a small, minor amount of yellow overspray between several of the fins...come's off easily with some fine steel wool...

...$125 + shipping...US Postal Service money order Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Gas Nickel Auto part
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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