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Bakersfield Dragfest 2014

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This is from another board. It's 100% good info.

"John & Blake Bowser in association with Famoso Speed Shop will be bringing back "Dragfest" in April 2014.

The format will be the same, one big race & party

Fuel cars-Exhibition cars- Full field of classes to compete in-Back up Babes-Pin up Girls

An exact date in April has not been set, but it's on .

National Dragster did a pole in 2012 asking fans what their favorite race was, #2 was Dragfest at Famoso......Dragfest was not even run that year.

I have been ask to put this up by the above parties"
If you're any where near Bakersfield this a can't miss race. Lot's of REAL Gassers, not super gas cars. When a date is posted I'll relay it here.


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