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Anyone on here from San Antonio, TX?

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Anyone from San Antonio, TX or close to here. Just curious if anyone needed help with anything.... I know good help can be hard to come by sometimes. I know Sometimes I need help with my projects that the wife just isn't strong enough to do. I have alot of flaky friends that just don't get it... if you know what I mean, but just wanted to throw it out there if anyone does.... maybe trade work days. When I was in a car club back in the day we use to have work days like once or twice a month, but if your close by & need a helping hand let me know & I'll do the best I can to help you out.

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TRT if I was closer I`d give you a hand.....sorry..
Thanks Rich, I wish a lot of you guys were closer because I think it would be a lot of fun to hang out & learn from you guys.
It would be fun! One day we need to figure out a common place to meet for some event we all want to attend!
It takes me 8hrs just to get outa Texas from where I'm at..LOL... It would be a lot of fun though.
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