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Anybody need to copy a obsolete part?

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I get lots of funny and weird emails fwd. to me, but got this link today, and it is pretty cool. Of course I immediately thought of all the weird obsolete parts that could be made into a mold for casting!
Good video too!
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Cool, Vall. I saw that Jay Leno has a similar piece. It was on My Classic Car. The 'printers' are amazing. Leno's makes them out of thin plastic rods. The parts are exact replications, like a chain that moves like a chain. Leno has tons of pre 1920 cars. He showed a complicated part (a tank of some sort) that he needed reproduced that was $4500 if a shop had to do it, but with his plastic model he had a new piece made for $200!

They can make parts from scans - Leno said that there were a million points per square inch - or from scratch (computer generated). It's an amazing world that we live in.

He also showed the BASF 'painted' chrome. That's pretty cool too.

Yeah, I've seen the painted chrome that looks so good, and can be applied to any smooth surface! I just can't get over the technology we have today. Just amazing, like science fiction!
There is no such thing as science "Fiction". It's science "Not Fact--YET". Man has a great capacity to dream something and then find a way make it real. The more tools we make the more we are allowed to make real. It's unbelievable what we have today. Just think of all the stuff we have that we don't even know about. I think it was Carl Sagan that said, "The Universe invented Man to understand itself". These things are just so cool and the more we get into composits, the stronger the parts will become. Did you see that engine block model on the table. Just think how cool it would be to order an 800 cube engine, all out of composit, and have in in 1 hour. And light enough to pick up and put in your trunk. By hand. Mark L
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