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Alternative front end ???.

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Just quickly as I have to finish up soon.
Would instead of fitting a leaf front end could I use say 4 - 6 inch tall aftermarket COIL springs???.
Memory seems to say this was\is done???.
Back tomorrow Peter.
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Sure, but you also need the ball joint spacers (available on Ebay) to get the spacing (Room for taller coils) for the Coils. See my Car under Show Gasser as that is the way I went.
Thanks Icody.
Just looked at your 57, a car to be proud of for sure.

Back later. Peter.
No problem...just give a shout if you need some info or have questions!
Jeff, (1956 gasser) has a coil spring and ball joint extension kit in his car. It looks great, and everyone who sees it seems to think it looks great as a gasser without a straight axle!
Say thankls Icody and 1946 Austin.
YAH I think lifted coils look just as good as straight front end.
Back soon Peter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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