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Added Piece of Mind

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Found these on eBay. They're called safety hubs. Basically, they are heavy duty axle retainers. NOS from 1956 for 55/56 Chevy and 56 Corvette. Scored for under $10! Since I will be abusing the stock rear in my beater, these were a no brainer. Anyone who's had one of these rears apart knows that the axles are held in with a thin stamped plate. These do not replace the stock ones, they "girdle" them. Thought I should post this so people could check out some kool old speed parts. Here's pix of the install....


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Neat find Ray
Great find and a heck of a good addition for that stock rear end!!!!
Hey str8axel.
Thanks for the info on the axel retainers.
I'm gonna have to find some or fab some up.
That part is a must for my rear.
Thanks for the pix also.
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