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57 gasser update.

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I had enough of a break in the weather to get my frame painted and start reassembling the suspention. I almost got the front done when the sky opened up again.

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Coming along quite nicely!!! Way ahead of mine, for sure!!!!
I'm digging the drilled axle! Did you drill it, or was it that way when you got it?
Rick, that looks nice! The drilled axle is a nice touch.
Yeah, did you drill it or? Would like to do that to mine. I wished I could have pulled the frame to but can't do that in my limited space. Nice job so far. Mark L
That really looks nice! New paint and clean is always nice to work around too! I didn't pull my frame either. With 48 blind bolts holding the body to the frame I just couldn't bring myself to even thinking what could happen!
Nice set up, its neat seeing everybody`s builds.
...48 blind bolts holding the body to the frame...
Wow! They didn't want that body coming loose! I think my old '55 Bug only had about 20. Probably better not to tempt fate on that one.

Rick, how did you lift the body off? A lot of guys? I used a engine hoist and a come-along hanging from the rafter. I put the body on some dollies and it sure made it easier to work on the top.

I hope you have time to work on it this weekend.

Looks first class to me!
Yeah Mike they used lots of bolts, but they're all around 5/16" size. Something metric that I'm not sure of, but plenty of them. Bolts that held the rear fenders to the body were the same, but with caged nuts. Every one of them rusted solid, and I had to replace with regular nuts where I could, and self tappers elsewhere.
looking good rick.
Really looks good. I drilled my axle with a hole saw, wasn't bad at all. I screwed 3 2x6's together, wrapped each end and run it through the windshield and back window opening. Put the engine crane under them and lifted it right off. I never have anyone to help, so I compromise. Keep the pics coming!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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