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Have for sale some 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, and 4.88 ring and pinion sets for the '57-64 Olds/Pontiac rearends. These are all good used gears. You'll probably want to do a little cleanup, but they are mostly clean as they sit now. Price on new gears is now about $400 per set, but good used gears like these here could save you some money over that.

4.10's-- $175/set SOLD
4.30's-- $200/set SOLD 3 sets, have 1 set left
4.56's-- $175/set (Sale pending on one set, have a couple sets left)
4.88's-- $175/set

I've also got a 4.30 set that was never run, for $225 SOLD
And a 4.30 set with a little minor pitting (I see no reason they can't be run) for $175 SOLD
And a 4.88 Richmond set that was never run for $200 SOLD
And a 4.56 set with a tiny, barely visible "pitting" (not even pitting, really) for $150

If you're looking for one of these ratio's and don't want to spend $400 on a new set, perhaps this would be a good time to save some money over that new price.

US and Canada buyers only please, the ridiculously high shipping costs will just end up wasting everyone's time for all other locations...

If you wish to make a purchase, then please e-mail me DIRECT at [email protected] and let me know exactly which gearset(s) you're inquiring about-- thanks!
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