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I don't know if I've been here long enough to sell (try) something, and if not admin can delete the ad..

I have a pretty decent '56 B/A 2dpost that I was hired to restore several years ago. After spending many hours doing the frame, putting frt floors, rear trunk panel, and most of the trunk floor, the owner flaked and refused to pay. I wasn't letting it out of my shop until I got something, he relented and handed over the title.

The orig frame has been blasted, powder coated black, all new springs, new bushings, new brk lines, fuel lines, new frt drums, all new brgs, and rear shock x-member.

The body is in primer now. It still needs minor rust repair (very minor), but it is ALL apart. I didn't get any seats, or glass, or drivetrain. I do have many small trim parts, new from the big tri-5 supplier. It is a great builder and at this point, it could go either way. The orig color is Dusty Rose/white.

I would sell w/o chassis, although I do have a good stock one from another car. I have well over $8000. in parts and labor in this and would like to get $6000. obo/trade for something I ain't pissed at. :)

pics in my album
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