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This is off a local American Graffiti Falfa '55 Chevy clone...nice fiberglass hood, with what appears to be a late '70's Trans Am hood scoop mounted backwards!

I know, I know, but, it actually doesn't look that bad! The front is opened up, and has a screen installed, so it's functional...

As far as the actual scoop installation, it wasn't molded to the hood around the seams, so, you could remove it if you wanted...

Fours holes for hood pins, with the round chrome guards installed, and the lip is drilled for a hood other holes...the paint is actually pretty decent too, with only a small scratch that you could touch up easily, if you wanted to keep the hood black...

...$200...prefer you pick this up, or relay it, but, if you want it shipped, I'll wrap it up and ship it! Probably best to go with Greyhound...thanks


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