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49 Sudebaker for sell

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Hey guys I know I just became a member and its sucks that my life has come to this.
But it has come time for me to sell my 49 STUDEBAKER business coupe. Times are rough and money is tight!
Ill post some pics
sell car as rolling body
no title
no motor
no tranny
no front end
no interior....
Car does have all the glass
rear end (corvette)
steering coloum
master cylinder
Please contact me if interested
wesley charles snell
las vegas nv


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Sorry to hear that, man. Hope things improve for you soon.
Sorry to hear about your "tough times".

Your Stude will make a very good platform for a VERY unique gasser for someone.

Hopefully something will turn things around for you soon!!!!
Thanks guys! Im hoping for the same also! But I guess this is what they mean by growing up and being responsible huh!? Anyway this is good tho because Im using the money from the car for my soon to be new home, guess its time to turn in the wrenches and learn to work a hammer, lol! So again thank you, and if you ever hear someone saying "MAN I WOULD LIKE TO BUILD A UNIQUE GASSER" tell them well there is a man in Las Vegas who is selling a great start lol! btw Fellas Im having issues on how much I could sell her for, got any estimates for me?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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