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'39 Chevy Sedan

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Ok so I'm straight axle/gasser/whatever kind of guy from birth. It's just in my blood. I had a S10 clip tacked on and it was very cool but I just couldn't shake the axle thing. Soooooo...

Plans are for some big tires(at least 30x10) on slots in the back(radiused fenders!) with my bbc up front(set way back).

Got the spindles and axle welded up today. Can't wait to drive this!
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That thing is going to be nasty! With that roof line, it looks like it's going 90 sitting still! Can't wait to see where it goes. Keep the photos coming.


Blacktop this thread made me think back on American Graffiti, on one scene where they are crusing and I think it was when the girls were clowning around, there is on the right hand side of the street and you only get a rear shot of the white `39 chevy coupe, they did not want to get a full pic because it was not period correct, the name on the side in gold was Hemiroid , straight axle, hemi powered coupe that resides ( or used to) in Modesto Calif, I used to see it a lot at rod runs, but now haven`t seen it about ten years.
Always loved the Sedans. The longer roof line looks as good as a coupe. And the chop is perfect. Is the front end/axle at a stock location or have you extended it a little? It looks longer but it could be because of the missing sheet metal. Gunna be watching this one. Mark L
Hey blacktop sure looks like it's gonna be one mean mochine.
The front axle is moved forward an inch or so. Nothing drastic. I can't wait to drive it!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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