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1962 Falcon Gasser/FX video

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This is a really cool Falcon with a Buick Nailhead for power.


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That'll get your heart pumpin ! ! !
I've seen him over on the hamb. It's a cool car. I love the 1st gen Falcons, and I have a few nailheads.


Chuckles, watched your build. Great car and great choice of powerplant. Love the whole concept. Great having you over here. Mark L

OOPPs. Just now realized that it was not Chuckles that posted it, sorry Jon. I've watched that build for a long time and I think he is out here in the southwest. I know he's taken it to Vegas. The whole build and especially the nail head makes that build cool as heck. Love the whole set up. I wished I could afford a blower for mine, I think it just sets the tone for the whole car. Mark L
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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