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For sale: An old school 1957 Chevrolet Belair 2-door hardtop that was built as a gasser-style car for drag and street racing back in the seventies and eighties. A previous owner told me that they ran the car with a cross-rammed 454 Chevy and a powerglide trans. The motor, transmission and rearend were removed way back and it hasn't been driven or raced since. It is presently a rolling body that has excellent potential to either restore as a gasser or back to a typical '57 hardtop.
The chassis has a straight tube axle in front with drum brakes. The rear axle is a stock non-posi unit out of a '56 Chevy....not something you would want to race. The inner front fender panels have been cut out for fender exit headers. The firewall hasn't been cut or recessed but it was notched up towards the top for distributor clearance.
The body has some minimal rust in the normal places but not bad. It's starting to bubble thru on the front fenders down behind the front wheels. There is a small rust hole in each front floor pan. Trunk floor is solid except for the very rear corners. The floor supports and rockers are solid.
The rear quarter panels will need work whether you go back to the original wheel wells or stay with the gasser-style cutouts. There is pitting but no holes on the quarter panels where the white ribbed Belair inserts would have been. Some moisture must have been caught between the inserts and the sheetmetal. The rear wheel cutouts were done a bit crudely and some of the old bondo is falling out. They should be updated and redone unless you choose to replace the quarters with stock-style new ones.
I have another hood for the car that is nearly perfect. Most of the chrome and trim is still intact other than it's missing the front grille bar. The interior is bare bones for racing and the original seats are gone. Only one single high back for the driver. Guage cluster is still intact as are all of the knobs but the Belair dash chrome is missing. Door knobs and window cranks are still there. Original door panels are trashed. All of the glass is there but the drivers side window won't roll up.
The cowl tag has been removed at some point. The VIN tag is intact and verifies it as a V-8 Belair. It has a clear title. It appears the original color was a light blue. It was painted dark blue once and now has a faded orange-ish flat primer on it.
Overall this is a great body to restore as either a gasser or a stock-style resto rod. If you're wanting a gasser I would not, however, recommend buying it "as-is" expecting to drop an engine/transmission combo in it and having an instant driver. Please keep in mind that some of the modifications that were made are old school and a bit crude by todays standards so a little work would be in order. Plus it would need the brake, fuel and electrical systems updated.
Asking $5800.00 or might trade it for an old Camaro, Firebird or Chevelle project. Call 406-698-2580 anytime if you have any questions.
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