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15x3.5 aluminum slot wheels w/ tires

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Have a set of aluminum slots that I bought as a spare set for my gasser project. Could use the funds elsewhere so these are available.

Fronts: They are 15x3.5" slots. The font makes them appear to be Fentons, but I can't say for sure. They are in nice shape with good (near new) radial tires mounted on them. They fit chevy 5-lug (4.75") bolt pattern.

I prefer not to ship if possible, but will consider shipping (they are large and heavy, please don't expect discount shipping).


would consider trade for nice ready to go Muncie, T-10, or Richmond manual transmission w/ clutch and bellhousing for SBC.

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Well if you decide you might ship them drop me an email....They're not really hard to ship. Just drop ea. in a garbage bag, wrap it in duct tape around the circumference, and twice around the diameter, then stick a UPS label on ea. one and away they go. Got a couple tires last year from Summit and that's all they did to ship them.
I will ship. Please check your PMs. Thanks.
sold pending funds to 1946austin
Please send mailing address and contact info to me! I'd like to get the funds headed your way soon! Thanks! Vall
I sent them in a Private Message yesterday (5/14) morning at 7am. You should have them, please check your PMs. I checked my sent messages and it says it went out. If it didn't go through for some reason, let me know and I'll send again. Thanks.
Thanks Jon! The message notification didn't come up at the top page of the forum, so I didn't realise your message was already here!
Really smooth transaction! Jon is a good guy to buy from! Thanks again!-Vall
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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